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Jubayer Khan
Jubayer Khan
Jubayer Khan
Jubayer Khan

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nhi linh
nhi linh

Betting on First Goal Bets and Mistakes to Avoid

In betting lounges, players can freely bet on a variety of wagers with different payout rates. Among these, first goal bets are considered an easy and winnable form of football betting. What do you know about this type of bet? What mistakes should you avoid when placing first goal bets? Read on to find the answers.

What is a First Goal Bet?

A first goal bet involves wagering on which team will score the first goal in a match. If you correctly predict the team that scores first, you win and receive the full prize. Conversely, if you lose, you don’t receive any money.

Here are the common types of first goal bets:

  • Bet on Team A scoring the first goal.


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