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  Plano East High School

  Panther Stadium

3000 Los Rios Blvd.

Plano, TX 75074

Every year, during the last week of May, the Blu Chps National Combine showcases the country's top athletes by position. The event only invites the cream of the crop, offering them a unique chance to exhibit their skills to former NFL players, coaches, and scouts from all over the country, as well as various online college recruiting sites. Athletes are evaluated based on their performance during the combine, and their playing abilities are ranked accordingly.

Media Packages

Score a touchdown for your Blu Chip prospect with our unbeatable Full Media Package at the 2023 National Youth Combine! Our packages guarantees you won't miss a single rep, time, measurement, or skill competition throughout this epic weekend. We've got you covered from all angles with Action Shots that capture the essence of their athletic prowess, skillfully crafted Video Edits that showcase their standout moments, exclusive Live Interviews that provide valuable insights, and a professionally written Player Write-up that highlights their unique talents. Give your Blu Chip the spotlight they deserve and secure their path to the pros with our game-winning Full Media Package!

2021 Combine Highlights

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